About FoodShare

FoodShare ( is a Toronto non-profit community organization whose vision is Good Healthy Food for All.

Founded in 1985 to address hunger in our communities, FoodShare takes a unique multi-faceted and long-term approach to hunger and food issues. We work to empower individuals, families and communities through food-based initiatives, while at the same time advocating for the broader public policies needed to ensure that everyone has adequate access to sustainably produced, good healthy food. Working "from field to table," we focus on the entire system that puts food on our tables: from the growing, processing and distribution of food to its purchasing, cooking and consumption.

FoodShare Toronto is Canada’s largest community food security organization, recognized as an important innovator of effective programs that have been reproduced all across Canada. We facilitate empowerment and community development from the ground up, cultivating awareness, building citizenship and enhancing individual and community participation, all the while striving to improve access to good healthy food.

Since its earliest years, FoodShare has recognized that partnerships and advocacy make us stronger and amplify the effects of our work. We pioneer by illustrating what is possible, creating empowering tools and replicable, scalable solution models (our programs) to combat universal food problems, then we mentor communities in adapting and growing these solutions.  We apply our program models to the direct needs of lowincome communities in Toronto, implementing these solutions universally to remove stigma. FoodShare’s community development partnership model means that our work is leveraged exponentially, garnering impacts that reach far beyond Toronto and even Canada.

Our programs reach over 159,000 children and adults per month in Toronto, include Student Nutrition, Field to Table Schools, the Good Food Café, Focus on Food youth internships, the Good Food Box, Good Food Markets, Fresh Produce for Schools and Community Groups, Baby and Toddler Nutrition, Community Kitchens, Field to Table Catering, the FoodLink Hotline, Power Soups, Community Gardening, Composting, Beekeeping and Urban Agriculture.

For more information about FoodShare and its programs, please visit or call 416.363.6441.