Start your gathering off the right way with a selection of these terrific appetizers. Add some of our platter assortments and you've got a party!


Field Tomato Bruschetta

Fresh tomatoes with olive oil and garden basil on fresh multi grain baguette. 

$15 / dozen

+ With goat cheese, $17 / dozen


Grilled Skewers

Our guests’ favourite appetizer.

$27 / dozen

+ Jerk Chicken

+ Teriyaki Chicken

+ Mediterranean Chicken

+ Thai Shrimp


Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Grilled vegetables with a lemon tahini sauce.

$17 / dozen


Savoury Phyllo Bites

Homemade bite size pastries that satisfy the soul. Your choice of mushroom, lentil, spinach and sweet potato, or squash.

$24 / dozen


Pinwheel Mini-Wraps

Your choice of grilled vegetable with hummus or black bean, our famous homemade curried chicken, house roasted beef, and smoked salmon and cream cheese.

$17 / dozen


Venison Mini Meatball

Served with homemade cranberry mustard dipping sauce: a party favourite.

$24 / dozen


Vegetarian Sushi

Our very own vegetarian sushi; a total party delight.

$20 / dozen