About Field To Table Catering

Field to Table Catering creates healthy, delicious, culturally diverse food for local community organizations, events and private functions. All the food cooked in FoodShare kitchens reflects our commitment to healthy eating, the environment and local farmers. With its balance of aesthetics and nutrition and emphasis on low salt, vegetarian, and vegan options, our menus put into practice our belief that "eating healthy" can be the same as eating well.

Menu selections shift with the seasons to emphasize locally grown produce. This means you enjoy the freshest, tastiest food, as well as the knowledge that your food choices are supporting a viable and environmentally sustainable local agricultural economy.


Sybil Pinnock

Catering and Gift Basket Senior Coordinator

Sybil believes that good healthy food is music to the senses and the soul. An accomplished baker and chef with considerable expertise in Caribbean cuisine, Sybil is a proud member of FoodShare's award winning Kitchen Team (Toronto Star Golden Whisk Award 2009, Bhayana Foundation Team Achievement Award 2009.) As a twelve year veteran, she now single-handedly coordinates FoodShare's Field to Table Catering program, creates delicious nutrient-dense soups for Toronto's under-housed in the Power Soups program, and helps prepare a delicious lunch for FoodShare staff, volunteers and guests every day. Sybil's warmth and delicious food are known city-wide by her loyal clientele and attendees of festivals such as the Hot and Spicy Food Festival, and Slow Food Toronto's Picnic at the Brickworks. Sybil is also credited with the invention of Jerk Tofu a decade ago when vegetarian options were often less than inspired. Her focus on healthy home made hospitality that delights both the eye and the stomach is always inclusive, meaning that there is something for all to enjoy. Her warm smile and calm approach reminds those who meet her that we can all stay centered if we take a page from her cookbook.


Jesus Gomez

Chef and Good Food Café Senior Coordinator

Trained at the George Brown culinary school, Jesus works from a rich and complex palette influenced by his mother's Colombian cooking. He is a master of spicing who creatively composes eclectic flavours to delight every palate, but always says that his secret ingredient is at least 3 ½ cups of care and love which goes into the preparation of any meal. Jesus is a proud member of FoodShare's award winning Kitchen Team (Toronto Star Golden Whisk Award 2009, Bhayana Foundation Team Achievement Award 2009.) In his five years with FoodShare he has played many roles, including the loving preparation every day of lunch for all FoodShare staff, volunteers and guests. Jesus spends the bulk of his time mentoring FoodShare's youth interns, teaching them everything from basic kitchen skills to complex culinary technique and passing on his great passion for food. His protégé Matthew Flannigan won the So You(th) Think You Can Cook competition at the Royal Winter Fair in 2010.